Winamp Skin : Sari Roti Chan – Unofficial Mascot

Yahallo ,

In the last few months , situation in my country (indonesia) is funny . Then this product actually boycott by a lot of people in certain religion because statement clarification and the sales of this product drastic dropped as effect from that statement. Following that events , a lot of people didn’t agree  (includes me) to that boycott because certain reason. Then some indonesian ilustrator makes Moefication of that breads. Ilustrator of this art provided  by Agus Syaeful Anwar .

I hope you are like and enjoy this skins.See you next time

Reference : Otacouncil


Skin Name: Sari Roti Chan

File Size: 600Kb

Color Theme: Blue

Features: Play control, seek slider, song title, equalizer, playlist, media library

Download: Via Google Drive

Note: Read license issue in here before you share my work in your site


26 responses to “Winamp Skin : Sari Roti Chan – Unofficial Mascot

    • Don’t worry about it ,i’m adult in age ,but my mind is young xD
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      • By Kazekage Im actually refer to Kazasou san, he is the main admin here right? hehe

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      • Ah , i thought that refers to me . . Yup he is main admin ,and me is YD admin (yearn to do). He is said okay mwahahhaha
        That goes same for me too , i can’t even get “holiday” because deadline of work *toss*.
        I will try add your fb account later. Even me , not notice about that and whats symbol anyway?
        I got a feeling you’re a man haha

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        And Happy “Om Telolet” Dayz, kakakaka

      • Yup , that’s obvious . Don’t tell me you’re a hode ? o.O
        aww man , adulthood really tough ,right ?
        That’s why i give you direct link to my fb account in comment above.
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      • The name on link and the actual name was different when I visit the link you provide (it’s not piko), thats why Im not to sure if its right….

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      • Eto, that’s can’t be helped since fb actually forced me to using real name. They are even forced me to upload Identity Card in 3 years ago lol

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        Has log in verification ever do that? wow, so strict, you get it rough, wkwkwkwk

        So it fixed that link is valid, okay :)

      • It’s real happen, That’s not happen just to me though, my friend with fake name having same condition as me.
        Honestly , it’s annoying to use real name in social media because social media cannot trusted . They are save information and our pattern (ex : our interested) and sold our interested and pattern in sponsors . It’s reason why i’m avoiding using real name .
        Emm , they are maybe have a things to me haha

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