Picture of The Day: Saber Alter 3

Still in accordance to the Christmas-y theme today, I would like to share this cool Saber Alter artwork for you, guys. I didn’t know that Saber Alter and Christmas can even go hand-in-hand. But if you give her that dark santa costume, I guess it works very well.




2 responses to “Picture of The Day: Saber Alter 3

  1. Just another Fate/Grand Order tidbit from me: That’s not “Saber Alter”, that’s “Santa Alter, Heck she’s not even Saber class but became a Rider Class. She’s a form of Saber Alter that’s was born because she wanted to change the image she gained as Saber Alter. In the continuity of Fate/Grand Order she’s a different Servant and both Saber Alter and Santa Alter may exist in the same time.

    She was released as a welfare (freebie) Servant for the Christmas 2015 event in FGO.

    Hey, if you think I’m too nit picky about Fate/Grand Order, wait till you image search for “Jeanne d’Arc (Alter) (Santa Lily)”. LOL

    • I haven’t played Fate/ Grand Order myself but thank you for the clarification. I just read from the tags where this picture come from. I think it’s better to put Saber as a title since no one will bother searching for Santa when it comes to the Fate series.

      Also, I notice there is a character by the name of Ishtar that resembles Rin Tohsaka. What’s that about? Ever since FGO arrival, these characters become so convoluted. I mean, Melty Blood is already confusing, now it seems the Fate series has become more confusing.

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