Picture of The Day: Miyamoto Musashi

Hmm, I don’t know about this Miyamoto Musashi character design from Fate/ Grand Order. I think she has a cute appearance and all but I picture Musashi to be a lot more rugged in terms of personality. Anyway, it’s still a great artwork, nontheless.




One response to “Picture of The Day: Miyamoto Musashi

  1. She’s from a parallel dimension. So she’s not the same kind of Musashi depicted in our history books and pop culture.
    in short: Welcome to Fate/Grand Order, where they can do whatever they want LOL :P

    Ironically, ingame she had the same disappointment after seeing Ushiwakamaru (Miyamoto no Yoshitsune) is actually a woman in “this world”, (he was depicted as a beautiful boy in her world)
    She’s Also mad that FSN Kojirou is not the same Koijrou that she once fought.

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