Wallpaper of The Week: Semiramis

I believe this is a character from Fate/ Apocrypha, Semiramis, The Wise Queen of Assyria. She is a servant of Shirou Kotomine (The Archer’s Shirou from Fate/ Stay Night) and she is an Assassin class but also possesses the power of a Caster.




3 responses to “Wallpaper of The Week: Semiramis

  1. Shirou Kotomine is not “that Shirou from Fate/Stay night”. He was actually a Ruler Class Servant from the 3rd Holy grail War, the Servant of the Einzbern.
    His actually identity is Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, The supposedly Japanese Saint in the Edo Period, where he led a rebellion and a leading those people with Christianity.

    • Wow really? I just thought looking that black and red uniform and white hair, I immediately relate to that. Thanks for the info there!

      • Just do a quick search in type-moon wiki, The Fate universe loves using “clone characters” and similar faces.

        Just using Arthuria Pendragon as an example
        Blue Saber -> Original saber Class
        Archuria -> Archer Class Arthuria, released for the summer event
        Lion King Arthuria -> Lancer Class, doesn’t use Excalibur, also has an Alter Form
        Mysterious Heroine X -> Assasin Class, an Arthuria from another dimension that wants to kill other Arthuria clones
        Mysterious Heroine X Alter -> Berseker Class, Alter form of Mysterious Heroine X

        We’re just missing a Rider and Caster form of Arthuria. lol

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