Film Review: Legion

I haven’t done reviews for a long time, but finally I have dropped one after seeing this new awesome TV Series. I just have to share it with you guys because I really recommend watching this. I will try to not spoil anything important regarding the storyline so this one is a spoil-free review.

Legion, is another superhero-themed film but it is not an ordinary superhero-themed where you get a superhero fighting crimes and upholding justice. No, Legions is not that kind of film. If you are Marvel or X-Men savvy, you will recognize that Legion is a mutant, a son of Charles Xavier or Professor X. Legion is an omega level mutant, which by definition is a very overpowered mutant that have many abilities such as teleportation, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, astral projection, mind control, and other awesome abilities. However, Legion has a mental disease called schizophrenia, which makes him often unstable when using his power.

The story revolves around David Haller, Legion’s real name, and you can see how David Haller’s mind works in the film depiction. I have always been fascinated by these kind of films such as The Beautiful Mind and Legion has a very well made script illustrating how chaotic David Haller’s mind is. I say this is a refreshing take on a superhero-themed film, but I should warn you if you are expecting a connection to the Avengers or X-Men characters, you will not find one in this TV series. Well, not yet, but who knows. There’s limited action in this film, but boy, the actor who portrayed Legion (Dan Stevens) did a great job acting as a schizophrenic person. It’s entertaining to watch him in this TV series.


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