Time to Say Goodbye

Aaaaah, it’s been a wonderful 8 years and you might have realized over the past months I haven’t been posting to this website for such a long time. Randomness Thing will be one part of my life that I cherished doing. As I’m married, having my first daughter, and working overseas I think it’s time to say goodbye and thank you for being such an amazing readers. I’m sorry that I have to leave but I have other things to attend in my life. Hopefully, this website has been a part of your life too and I will keep this domain available until it expires. So, from here on out, kazasou is signing off from Randomness Thing. Goodbye…

Update: If you guys still want to download the skins that are in this website, you can visit my deviantart page at https://kaza-sou.deviantart.com/. This domain still available until November 2018, I will not renew it so if that happens you can visit the original URL of this website at https://kazasou.wordpress.com.


31 responses to “Time to Say Goodbye

  1. It’d a shar to see you go, but thankyou for all these years.

    Best of luck with your overseas job and your daughter ^^

  2. Hi Kazasou!
    I’m sad to see this blog close down, Randomness Thing was something I’d always enjoy checking back on every now and then. Your contributors always had excellent anime picture packs and rainmeter skins, really all the content was fantastic in my book. Thanks for keeping things interesting all these years and I’m happy to hear that you’re life is moving forward! I hope that you’ll be able to look back on Randomness Thing as a successful project that garnered a decent following and great community.

    I wish you the very best in your life! Take care!

    • Hi, the blog will not close down. The domain will expired on November 2018 and revert back to https://kazasou.wordpress.com. You can still enjoy the existing content here. Definitely, Randomness Thing turned to be a lot greater than what I expected and I’m so happy it gathered a lot of anime enthusiasts. However, what has a beginning must come to an end. At least I can say it’s a happy ending, hahaha.

  3. Congrats on the baby! We’ll miss randomness thing and all the randomness your authors and content bringers brought to our lives and wish them all the best of luck in their ventures!

    • Thank you very much for thinking us that way. I’m happy to share my hobbies with you guys. Just a clarification, the website will still be available until November 2018 before it reverts back to https://kazasou.wordpress.com. The other authors can still write articles if they want to. It’s just me who is signing off from maintaining this blog and creating new content since I have bigger things to attend to now.

  4. First ,indratama with their site in 2015 .. And then you with this site in 2017.. I guess should stop doing this kind of stuff too. Honestly that will be bored and lonely if you and indratama not around since all of you is my teacher or maybe rival in my opinion . Since you are not active anymore ,maybe i wil destroy my own site too soon.There’s no point to keep it alive since no rival.
    Anyway ,good luck with your real life and thanks for letting me be author in this site. That’s my pleasure to able contributes in this awesome site.

  5. I understand you, I have 2 daughters, they are my love and life and priorities change through it! Thank you for all this years, I am going to miss this website!

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  7. It’s sad to see the site go :( But family is the most important! I wish you a lot of happiness and congratulations with your daughter!
    Thank you so much for all these years of a great content.

  8. Awwww. I always looked forward to seeing your emails about new wallpapers and music. Thanks for all the great links through the years. May you have lots of love and luck in your life!

  9. Noooooo T.T i’ve been a silent reader for the past years, but this makes me really sad. Congrats on your wedding, and i wish you and your family a happy life! Btw, thanks for the time all these years… I will miss you :D

  10. Oh, and i want to make a final request for you, if you mind… Can you please post all the wallpaper pack from the beginning? That’ll be an awesome goodbye present for us all

  11. Thank you for all these years!. I hope you and your family a life full of happiness.
    btw sorry for my bad english.

  12. noooooo ,no me lo puedo creer igual muchísima felicidades por tu hija,familia y trabajo y también el trabajo que dedicaste en estos 8 años acá..es increíble como vuela el tiempo ..muchas gracias y muchísima suerte te deseamos !!

  13. I loved this blog a lot I do hope someday I can get to see more of Lucy’s uploads because it made access to Fate pictures much more easily, And as well as yours. Thanks for all this effort

  14. It’s sad to see you go… But what about all the Rainmeter skin download-links? From your Deviant Art page they redirect here, and here the download link is broken…

  15. noooooooo T_T ,but good luck there ,and i just wanna say can u teach me some to make GC theme or winamp ? that’s very nice theme. and thanks for everythings -/\-

  16. Well thank you very much for all your content i really like the skins you uploaded the recommendations about music and the nice quality images you bring to us, really appreciate the effort to share us the time and the content. Wish you the best of lucks in your projects and cheers.

  17. Sad to see the site go, and all the stuff that is on it.
    Missed out on downloading alot of the skins here T-T.
    All links are dead and deviant art page just leads back here.

  18. man..what a let down..,after im retired being hardcore otaku, comeback today for first time in 2 years..and seeing this sad post..your website is a light in my dark world,a friend in college and Im feel like every author is like my friends..but an old saying “every good thing must come to an end”..and should be this one too..hopefully your dedication isn’t wasted let alone your skill..and im praying for you,good luck,and to the other author too..thanks for the memories in past 8 years..much appreciated..live long and prosper kaza-san,lucy-chan,syll-kun,and other I didn’t mention..

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