The Randomness ThingEdited on 12 February 2011. This rule can be changed overtime depending on what authors’ aspire.

This blog is an open forum, you can comment anything you like as long as you maintain with the relevant topics. All incoherent rambling and out of context argument will be hammer down hard. So, prepare yourself with many tissue rolls.

No racial, over-zealous, or missionary talk in this blog. Not compromising with the rule will result in mocking, ridicule, and being laugh at. So again, prepare yourself with many tissue rolls.

This blog is not an anime corner. Although, this blog is heavy in this anime content, this blog basically offer any kind of interesting topic that has a potential to be share or discussed with.

This blog doesn’t have any politic or religion agenda. Although, there exists some posts which have some politic or religion views, the author of the post is entitled to his own view and no other authors can block his right of speech nor can the readers. If you have anything against the post, you only have two possible action: argue or leave.

This blog has downloadable contents. You can freely download any kind of media that the blog has to offer (See License Issue).

License Issue

All contents in this blog are free source. You can download, modify, delete, or do anything you want with it. Selling them also are not prohibited. This blog is a sharing spot, so tell them about this to your friends. An additional note, some of the content may not be from me, so if you have a problem about a software that is not working which is not mine, try to contact the owner of the software for a better clarification. Meanwhile, just enjoy reading my blog, cheers!

Being An Author

You think of contributing to Randomness Thing? Why not becoming an author? The requirement of being an author is only you love to write. We don’t restrict you about the post that you need to write nor we won’t demand you to write post everyday. You are free to think of any post to write, but please keep in mind to make it as interesting as possible. To help you with what post what might be considered interesting, here’s a list of possible interesting posts:

  • Wallpapers or Wallpaper Packs
  • Anime Review or Episode Review
  • Game Review or Walkthrough
  • Funny Video (Preferably anime)
  • Music or Music Video (Not limited to only Japanese)
  • Desktop Enhancement Tricks or Any Multimedia Software
  • World Perspective or News (Not Limited to Anime)

Basically, you are free to post anything you want, but please consider about the language you use. “Fuck” or any other swearing language are not prohibited as long as it’s not directed to other people’s race or any degenerating personality or pysical appearance. So vent, scream, and complain all you want but stay out of this boundary and keep respecting each other. One keyword of being a good author is “don’t be a douchebag”.

So, drop us some comments if you are interested and we will be looking forward to work with you. Cheers!

Honorary Mentions

This little section is a list of names that has contributed The Randomness Thing in financial aspect. We are very grateful for such contribution and loyalty to keep this blog running. For those who have contributed, your name has been listed for top priority request queue. Everytime you make a request, we will try to fulfill yours first:

Name Email Contribution
Anthony Black a*********d@yahoo.com $20
Matthew Huynhle c**********e[at]hotmail.com $17
Diogo Baquini d**********i[at]hotmail.com $10
Kari Hiramoto A****t[at]aol.com $10
Syrenia s******a[at]hotmail.com $10
Codey Byrne b****z[at]hotmail.com $5
David Lucas i******d[at]gmail.com $5
Michael Berger m***********r02[at]hotmail.de $5
Van der Borght, Jonathan J*********o@hotmail.com $3
Michael Dollins d******m[at]gmail.com $1

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185 responses to “About

  1. Hi :3. I like randomly browsing the internet a lot, so I’m pretty good at finding random very cool videos and thing like that. I like to write too, so if you’d like another author, I’d love to help out :3 Here’s a couple links to some videos I found.

  2. Finally decided to drop off a comment after lurking a while.

    My name is Sam, alias is Trade46 (stylized as tradeforsix)

    This blog i came across by the surfing of anime and manga in general, as with most ppl on this blog who are fans of this type of media.
    Another reason for visiting is said Exilo is also my “punching bag” (yes, i’m referencing from another post).

    Like my sister, i’m also a big anime fan, and i browse often in MyAnimelist as well as lurk in Mangafox and other similar pages browsing through manga Exilo likes to refer as “Random series” (shoutout to blog?)

    Touhou is also a fun franchiase to waste time on, despite parents not allowing us to purchase anything over $2 Cdn on anything other than work related goods.

    Nothing other than that, just wanted to drop off a hello.
    …btw, kazasou, love the background: Homura Domination?

    • If you’re trolling me, get outta here. T__T

      But, that aside, I still remember that time in Anime North dude. I still think it’s just you though, cause in the end you only ended up spending like, what, $2 on a simple keychain? At least I did manage to buy some items with around $13 left over…

      If you ask me, I feel like I’m not getting enough money to spend around – whenever I go to the mall with my friends, I always have the least money in my pockets. Oh well, w/e. Life ain’t fair.

      P.s. if it weren’t for me telling you about the bg, you would’ve never thought of making a comment bro.

      P.p.s Hey Souza, if you’re askin where I’ve been for awhile, well…let’s just say that the past month I guess I’ve sorta got a bit lazy but…this month? It’s been a total pain in the youknowwhat. Hopefully, if I can, I could be able to post again sometime this weekend. Don’t look forward to it though b/c it’s just a rough estimation…blame school if I don’t show up.

  3. Can i be an author?

    ive been following randomnessthing for a very long time and i love blogging and communicating people
    im very happy to communicate and work with people who have the same interests like me ^^

    thank you kazasou~

    • I have seen the website and what I saw was that you just replace the base character in an already made skin without fitting the color-theme. It’s not that I restrict from doing so but I’m more interested in a person who can edit the XML script so you can edit the winamp element freely. I saw in one of the skin that the character’s head covers the media library button which is not aesthetically good. I hope you can develop your skill better and I will keep observing your website if you made any improvements.

  4. sorry to bother you, and i’m not sure if this goes here, but is it possible to request a skin? and how would i go about doing that?

    i just wanted a pair of skins of two of my favourite anime characters, Vincent Valentine and Deidara.

    if you needed graphics for something (though you do such great work here anyway that i doubt you need help), or wanted some art of a particular character, i’d be willing to trade.

    Choco-la-te.deviantart.com (if you want examples of my work.)

    (also, if i may make a note about the [potential] skins, if the music player part is included it’d be nice to sync it to itunes, VLC or FLELE, but i don’t think the latter is actually possible.)

    Thankyou for your time.


    • You can direct your request to the skin you want (Rainmeter, Chrome, or Winamp) in the appropriate section (See the link at above). Please read the requirements first so your request can be granted easily.

    • Then I have to test your skill first. Create your own blog in WordPress and give me the link to your blog. I will see if your post is interesting. If yes, then I will add you as an author for RT.

  5. Your blog has always been a source of creative anime-related entertainment and I pull out a lot of stuff on your site cause it looks pretty! I was shuffling around the old rain meters and noticed that you had some Little Busters! ones. I was a sad panda when you didn’t have Kud! Please if you can make one of Kud!

    Keep up the good work!

    • Looks cool, I’ll add you up right away. Do you use this email your WordPress account or do you have another email for your WordPress account?

      • yatta,thanks !! yap ,i’m used this email for wordpress and then which a author in this site must post something in 1 week ,kazasou ?

      • Are you asking whether you have to post once a week? No, there is no minimal requirement on how many post you have to write in a week. Anyway, welcome to the team!

  6. Um..
    I’ll mostly be posting videos, pictures, and I’ll also try to include many anime reviews. :]

    • Okay, but I have to observe your writing skill first. Set up your own blog on WordPress and give me the link. Write there and I will observe what you are capable of.

  7. I did download WordPress, but I have noooo idea how it works :X
    Is there some other way for me to show my writing skills?

  8. I don’t know
    I honestly have no idea how it works
    It just asked me to download it and make my blog, and I did, and now I’m super confused x.x

    • I think you just need to go to wordpress.com and sign up for a new account and wordpress will give you a new blog without any download requirement.

  9. I need a little bit of help
    What do I write there?
    I’ve posted random links and pictures, but I dunno what to do next
    Is there something else I need to write?
    [I’m sorry, but I don’t know much about it]

  10. Thank you so much, that was really helpful
    But can I get some more help?
    I’ve made my own blog, and I’ve added some pictures and videos
    Is there anything else I need to write?
    Sorry if I’m kinda bugging, but I’ve never really had my own blog ^^’

    • Why are you asking me? I’m observing what contribution you will be making to RT so you have to come up with something interesting for me to read. Good luck, I will be observing your blog regularly and come with a verdict once I’m ready^^

  11. Ohh! >.w<

    Haai, I'll be constantly uploading my blog and I hope you will find something interesting to read soon
    Arigatou! c:

  12. Gomen gomen :x
    I really am a Baka-chan -.-

    ehehhehe ^^’ sorry for bugging you so much
    And thank you for your help :D

  13. Random Q… what happened to the epic background? it’s like.. back to a default or something.. world not ending lol just curious cuz it also changed the sizing of vids displayed.

  14. I don’t know how I found your website but I decided to save it to bookmarks. I enjoy the stuff you find. Keep it up!

  15. Hi there fellas, it’s been a while. I’m just dropping by for a heads-up.

    One of my friends gave me a link to this site which features uncredited work from several rainmeter/winamp/etc. artists — including authors from our blog (TBLP) and from RandomnessThing.

    I checked some of this dude’s posts and found out that he doesn’t respond to any of the ownership complaints (I saw one from Indratama: http://lutfikun29.blogspot.com/2012/08/winamp-skin-inori-yuzuriha.html). Regardless of my awareness of “Lutfi’s” unresponsiveness, I left comments on his posts and informed most of my co-authors anyway.

    How do you guys feel about this dude?

    • It’s already said in this blog that we allowed re-distribution and modification of the things we have posted unless the specific author has personally says that the content is restricted. For me, I have no objection against this guy. I don’t know about the rest. I just feel that we also are using the images from a copyrighted anime, that’s why it’s not my place to put restriction on my work.

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