Well this is basically yet another new section, run by me, Violent Incantation (You can call me Vi for short). This will basically be a home to all of my graphics over time. You can use said graphics for a variety of things: forum signatures, forum icons, profile page images, and even website layouts (although those are the more complicated of the set.) While you’re free to use any of the graphics here, I will of course, always ask that you do not redistribute them without my explicit permission. Using is fine, but once again, I put a lot of effort into my work most of the time so stealing isn’t something I’m really going to take lightly. Reprinting them into your photobucket is one thing but putting them on your blog is another…

With that said please feel free to either use or admire any of the things I have here. Keep in mind that I don’t always have PSDs to give out for everything, seeing I don’t always save them.  Also since I have not been able to keep a steady list of credits for the resources I use, please reference my livejournal’s credit entry for my most accurate credits list so far. I need to go back and edit it soon, I realize, but it might take me a while before I find all the things I’ve downloaded while lacking a personal PC.

By the way, you can request here or on the specified pages. Please include the title of the series you are requesting. If there is no title, if possible, please include the artist. Providing an image always helps, but if you don’t provide, the image will be chosen by me.

Older icons will be removed at my mercy. If an icon is removed, I’ll reformat the post that it was previously in. Icons will most likely be removed for quality issues only (most likely artifacts). I do not remake icons. I can make icons with the same image as a previous one, but no two icons will ever be the same. Coloring is always different.

License Issue
Adobe Photoshop is a graphic’s editing program with a multitude of features and variations. It can be used for photo manipulations, painting, logo creations, along with many other things. It retails for somewhere around 600 USD with it’s current version, though older versions can be purchased for cheaper. You can download a trial from their website for free that will last 30 days if you wish to try out the program. In certain cases, they also offer student discounts. I highly suggest purchasing this program only after you’ve taken classes on how to use it or have had some  usage with a highly similar program, seeing the price is extremely steep. However it is very well worth the money.

An alternative to Adobe Photoshop is GIMP. It is free to use, and from what I have heard, it is also compatible with Adobe Photoshop files.

Requesting for Graphics
I accept requests for certain types of graphics. First and foremost, 100×100 icon requests are always open. Signatures are open depending on the amount of sigs in my queue. If my sig queue has 3 or 4 slots taken, you can always add a request. However if I have 20+, please, hold the request until I’ve finished. Things like larger avatars, headers, banners, layouts, profile images, are all special request. Depending on the special request’s requirement, I’ll either accept or deny it.

Please also note that I reserve the right to refuse the requests if your images are:
1: Oversexualized or contain material that is unsuitable for younger viewers.
2: The image quality is poor
3: (For sigs) The image has more than 2 sides cut off (Basically if the character looks boxed in)
4: If I generally have a strong dislike for the image/character/series (In some cases I’ll ask if I can replace the image of the character, in other cases I might refuse it due to the source material [ex: hentai, hateful material, call of duty])
5: If you ask “if it’s done” too many times / abuse requests. It’s fine to request a few images to be iconed even if you’re only going to use one of them. It’s another thing to put a load of 20 images to be iconed by me every few days. Also patience is a virtue that everyone should have. Please keep in mind work takes time.
6: If it’s material that’s been requested too many times. If theres 30 Remilia Scarlet sigs for you to choose from, request something else.
7: If you ask me to mimic another person’s sig style. I’m sorry but I find that kind of offensive. I have my own unique sig style as many other sig makers do. If you prefer another style, my only suggestion is to ask the person who made the sig you’re trying to ask me to reference.

Request List

  • Firo Sig
  • Makoto Nanaya Sig

Note: Requests queue is closed.

Update Log

Tuesday, September 20th – Added ‘Sigging 101’ (Tutorial + 13 Sigs + 8 images)
Monday, September 12th – Added ‘Random Sig Batch 1’ (10 Sigs)
Saturday, August 27th – Added ‘Orihara Izaya Sig Tutorial’ (Tutorial + Sig)
Saturday, August 6th – Added ‘Pokemon 100 x 100 Icon’ (86 icons total)
Friday, August 5th – Added ‘Pokemon Icon Tutorial + PSD’ (1 Pokemon + 1 PSD)
Wednesday, July 27th – Added ‘Miku Sigs’ (7 sigs)
Monday, July 25th – Added ‘Wallpaper 025&026’ (2 Wallpapers, 1 widescreen edit)
Sunday, July 24th – Added ‘Some 200×200 icons’ (10 icons + 1… notsurewhattocallit)
Monday, July 18th – Added ‘Experimental Sig Batch’ (3 sigs + 3 PSD)
Friday, July 15th – Added ‘8 Sigs + PSD Batch’ (9 sigs + 8 PSD)
Friday, July 15th – Added ‘Vocaloid Sigs’ (7 sigs total, by Night)
Friday, July 15th – Added ‘8 Icons + PSDs’ (8 PSDs total)
Wednesday, July 13th – Added ‘Tales of the Abyss 100×100 avatar’ (186 avatars total)
Tuesday, July 12th – Added ‘Simple Sig Tutorial + 2 Sig & PSD’ (2 Touhou + 2 PSD)
Monday, July 11th – Added ‘5 Sigs + PSD’ (3 Blazblue, 2 Touhou + 4 PSD)
Saturday, July 9th – Added ‘Touhou 100×100 avatar’ (236 avatars total)
Friday, July 8th – Added ‘Alice Sig + PSD’ (2 sigs + PSD)
Wednesday, July 6th – Added ‘Vocaloid 100×100 avatar’ (99 avatars total)

Graphics List
A list of all the graphics related posts I’ve done so far.

[Graphics] 5 Sigs + PSD
[Graphics] 8 Icons + PSDs
[Graphics] 8 Sigs + PSD Batch

[Graphics] Alice Sig + PSD




[Graphics]Experimental Sig Batch








[Graphics] Miku Sigs

[Graphics] Orihara Izaya Sig Tutorial
[Graphics] Pokemon 100 x 100 Icon
[Graphics]Pokemon Icon Tutorial + PSD

[Graphics] Random Sig Batch 1
[Graphics]Sigging 101
[Graphics] Simple Sig Tutorial + 2 Sig & PSD
[Graphics] Some 200×200 icons
[Graphics] Tales of the Abyss 100×100 avatar
[Graphics] Touhou 100×100 avatar

[Graphics] Vocaloid 100×100 avatar
Vocaloid Sigs

[Graphics] Wallpaper 025 & 026





23 responses to “Graphics

      • Ah, don’t really go to Doujinstyle all that much. I was thinking of using it for my system user image and/or Steam profile image.

        But your creation, your rules.

        Also, it was already photoshopped? Couldn’t tell :S

      • Hrm, looking again, maybe it was because I was in a rush tht I didn’t look at it closer. Anywas I can’t tell if the background is because someone wall’d it, or because the artist wanted it that way. I really don’t like altering other people’s photoshop work so I never photoshop. Also, if it’s for steam, I can do it I guess. I just don’t want people to think it’s a regular thing lol.

  1. I can look for another picture if you want.
    Also, I know what you mean; I did a one-off math tutorial at my school and the next week everyone’s raging at me because I wasn’t doing it again lol.

  2. I dunno if you do avatar requests or not… but i was wondering if you could make one from a goku pic (dunt care which) and say Zetsu… :P (thats all i want. surprise meh with the design and everything). It must be 100×100 though

    • First off, yes I do 100×100 avatar. Those are my specialty.

      Second, I don’t go looking around for images as I’ve said a lot of times. You need to provide an image

      Third, I never text 100×100 avatars with screen names. It looks tacky and they’re far too small for that.

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